The Qumran Chronicle

The Qumran Chronicle

Edited by Dr Zdzislaw J. Kapera, Jagiellonian University, since August 1990
ISSN 0867-8715 e-mail: suggested abbreviation: QC

The journal is published irregularly. Usually two issues (No. 1-2 and 3-4) appear per year. The volumes 1 - 12 (1990-2004) had been published so far and remain still available. To subscribe to the next issues please contact the Editor. Details of payment on request.

APPENDIXES (now discontinued):

CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION FOR COMING VOLUMES 13, 14 and 15 per volume (Priority mail!):

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Vol. 12No. 2/4December 2004 30.00 € 
Vol. 12No. 1January 2004Special issue: Melchizedeq 'Redivivus' in Qumran?, by I. R. Tantlevskij20.00 € 
Vol. 11No. 1/4September 2003 50.00 € 
Vol. 10No. 1/4May 2002Special issue: Synthese des observations faites en fouillant les tombes des necropoles de Khirbet Qumran et des environs / The Khirbet Qumran Cemeteries. A Synthesis of the Archaeological Data, by R. Donceel50.00 € 
Vol. 9No. 3/4Dec. 2000First Meeting of the EABS (Qumran Section)25.00 € 
Vol. 9No. 1/2August 2000 25.00 € 
Vol. 8No. 4December 1999Special issue: Redating the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran: the case for 63 BCE, by G. L. Doudna15.00 € 
Vol. 8No. 3November 1999Emanuel Tov 10.00 € 
Vol. 8No. 1/2August 1998Decoration of J. T. Milik 25.00 € 
Vol. 7No. 3/4December 1997Otto Betz 80th Anniversary 25.00 € 
Vol. 7No. 1/2July 1997Milik's 75th Anniversary . 25.00 € 
Vol. 6No. 1/4December 1996Milik's 75th Anniversary 50.00 € 
Vol. 5No. 3/4December 1995 11.00 € 
Vol. 5No. 2October 1995 6.00 € 
Vol. 5No. 1July 1995 Barbara Thiering and Recent Research on Jesus8.00 € 
Vol. 4No. 3/4December 1994 12.50 € 
Vol. 4No. 1/2June 1994MMT Once Again12.50 € 
Vol. 4No. 1/2June 1994MMT Once Again12.50 € 
Vol. 3No. 1/3December 1993Abstracts of Mogilany 199125.00 € 
Vol. 2No. 3June 1993 8.00 € 
Vol. 2No. 2February 1993 8.00 € 
Vol. 2No. 1December 1992 9.00 € 
Vol. 1No. 2/3Dec. 1990/April 1991Qumran Cave Four and MMT15.00 € 
Vol. 1No. 1August 1990 9.00 €